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Blast Can Trash Cleaners is an eco-conscious trash and recycling can cleaning company based in Houston, Texas.

Our mission is to be the best customer service company that will focus on an Eco-Friendly service, giving back to the community, and value.

Let us do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

Blast Trash Can Cleaners offers professional residential trash and recycle can cleaning services. We take pride in eliminating unwanted bacteria, germs, odor, flies, dirt, and grime, living in trash cans! Our unique, environmentally friendly approach allows you to rest assured that your garbage and recycling cans will be cleaned and disinfected, all while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Just like you, we’re proud to call Houston, Texas home!

Our Cleaning Process

We love servicing our community in Houston, Texas.

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    Each bin is checked for any remaining debris. If there is any trash remaining in your bin after trash collection has been made, then we will bag it and place it back in your back into your trash can after our cleaning process has been completed. After our initial inspection, the container is taken to the rear of the curbside cleaning unit.

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    The container is taken to the rear of the curbside cleaning unit from where a hydraulic lifting mechanism will lift and rotate the container, placing it over a specially designed pressure washing mechanism.

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    The pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions and effectively blasts any debris off the container. The combined specially formulated green cleaning solution is used to remove almost 99% of common bacteria from the surface of the container. Our system is 100% environmentally friendly and the fully self-contained cleaning unit will high-pressure clean, disinfect and deodorize your trash and recycle bins right outside your premises on the same day your garbage is collected.

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    After the cleaning process, the hydraulic lift returns the container to the curbside where our technician will sanitize the inside and outside of your bin(s) to ensure they are fresh, clean and ready to return to your property. Finally, we place an easily removable tag on your handle (no adhesives are used) and tape on your lid to confirm that the container has been cleaned.


Watch this video to see the process in action!



Our Holidays are the same as City Of Houston Waste Management Holidays: Christmas Day, New Years day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving day. If your cleaning day lands on one of these holidays, we will skip these days (these days do not count towards your # of cleanings)

Our low pricing is a based on the commitment of number of cleanings. If you are moving away from our service area, instead of a refund, we prefer that you transfer the service to the new homeowners.

If the trash service is not complete by 4:00pm we will text you options to reschedule.

Yes, we do not open any gates or garages, but can place your trash cans by the garage or side of house if accessible.

We will leave a removable blue tape tag on each of your bins to notify you that they have been cleaned. You don’t have to be present at the time of the cleaning in order to have your bins cleaned.

We will send you a text message to remind you the day before service.

We service the day after as your trash and or recycle pick up days, we wash yours cans curbside after they are dumped. You do not need to be there when we service.

what our customers say...

Thank you for this service! We are blown away by the results!

Molly from 77092

Amazing, our garage no longer stinks because of of trashcan. Highly recommend!

Kristen from 77429

Blast can was fast and efficient! Our trashcan looks (and smells) a million times better!

Devon from 77008

Our trash can was disgusting! He cleaned it spotless and no longer makes us want to vomit. John was very professional and nice. I would highly recommend this service and company to everyone! Thanks, John!

Tresanne from 77008

He came today to clean my trash can!! It was so pleasant to bring my clean trash can into my backyard and not vomit in my mouth!!

Stephanie from 77018

We tried Blast Trash Can Cleaners and would highly recommend. For a reasonable price, they come and sterilize your trash cans after trash pick up – just leave your cans on the curb and they take care of the rest. Happy Houston has this service!

Morgan from 77018

HOLY COW! I couldn’t even believe my eyeballs!

Mandy from 77018

John cleaned our trashcan yesterday and it looks (and smells) great. I highly recommend his servic

Ginafrom 77007

Totally worth it I called him, and 15 mins later my trashcan was cleaned. Hopefully now I’ll be able to stand being in my garage!

Harrison from 77007

With the Houston heat, our trash cans were in desperate need of cleaning. Fortunately, we found John and his cleaning service. The process was quick and reasonably priced. We definitely plan to use the service again soon! Thanks John for bringing this service to our neighborhood!

Darsit from 77018

I highly recommend Blastcan. called him today and my trashcan was cleaned this afternoon. Very fast and efficient!

Julia from 77007

BLAST is Bad Ass!

David from 77055

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